Permanent Ingrown Nail Correction

Tired of Recurring Ingrown Toenails?

Recurring ingrown toenails cause frustration. Having the nail or part of the nail temporarily removed often only delays the problem without fixing it. You want a permanent solution.

Never have another Ingrown Nail!

At Clement Foot and Ankle in Mesa, Arizona, we focus on providing the best treatment for your situation. If you find yourself with painful and recurring ingrown toenails, you may be a candidate for Permanent Ingrown Nail Correction.

Remove the bad part, leave the good part.

With Permanent Ingrown Nail Correction, we can remove just the portion of the nail that grows into your skin, leaving the remainder of the nail.  When your toe is healed, you will still have a healthy appearing nail.

Permanent Ingrown Nail Correction has a better then 90% success rate at preventing new nail growth to the treated area.

If the entire nail is bad, you can remove the whole thing.

Toes function just fine without a toenail. No toenail is much better than a permanently thick, ingrown or difficult to cut toenail. The same procedure for removing a portion of toenail can be used for removing the entire nail. Patients seeking a cosmetic result usually use temporary acrylic nails once the skin has healed fully.

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