Diabetic Foot Care

Protect Your Feet, Protect Your Health

Keeping your feet healthy is an important part of controlling your diabetes. Healthy feet equals better ability to walk and participate in other forms of exercise. Exercise helps control blood sugar, helps with weight and blood pressure control, and helps you feel better about your life.

Avoid Neuropathy and Circulation Issues

Keeping your Diabetes in control will help prevent two foot complications: nerve damage and poor circulation.

Nerve damage (Neuropathy) weakens the muscles of your foot, compromises your balance, and places you at risk for developing foot sores (ulcerations).

Poor circulation (Peripheral Arterial Disease, or PAD) compromises healing of injuries and wounds, and can lead to spontaneous ulcers or even tissue death (gangrene).

The Podiatry Difference

Did you know that Diabetic patients who see a podiatrist have a significantly less risk for foot ulceration?

A landmark study involving hundreds of thousands of diabetic patients from across the United States published in 2010 showed that patients who see a Podiatrist had a significantly less risk for developing foot ulcers, foot infections, and complications leading to amputation( 1 ).

Seeing a Podiatrist not only results in better health for you, but less cost to the healthcare system( 2 ).

Protect Yourself from Foot Ulceration

If you suspect you have neuropathy or poor circulation, get your feet checked right away with a Podiatrist.  In Mesa, Arizona schedule an appointment with Dr. Clement for a comprehensive foot examination.

Your examination will include a risk assessment and you may be a candidate for regular nail care, callous care, and prescription footwear.


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