Calcaneal Bone Cysts

X-ray showing bone void

One cause of heel pain , especially deep pain within the heel bone is a bone cyst.

What are Bone Cysts?

Bone Cysts are soft tissue masses within a bone. They may consist of spongy tissues, cancerous tumors, or blood or other fluid-filled sacs. Most are non-cancerous, round, spongy lesions or fluid-filled sacs.

Bone Cysts can be painless or painful. Painless Bone Cysts are usually incidentally found while checking the foot for other conditions.

Painful Bone Cysts are usually painful because as they get larger they press on surrounding bone.

In the foot and ankle the Calcaneus (heel bone) is the most commonly affected by Bone Cysts.

MRI of Calcaneal Bone Cyst

What are the symptoms of Bone Cysts?

Pain is often felt both with walking on the bone with the cyst and is also felt at rest, particularly at night. As the cyst enlarges it presses on surrounding bone and this process is often felt at periods of rest.

Aspirin usually gives temporary relief from pain caused by Bone Cysts.

If a cyst continues to grow, it may result in a fracture of the bone.

How are Bone Cysts diagnosed?

In addition to taking your history and examining the painful area, x-rays will show a cyst in the bone. An MRI may be ordered to help determine the type of Cyst and to assist in planning a surgical treatment of the cyst.

injectable bone putty

How are Bone Cysts treated?

A painful Bone Cyst needs to be removed. Surgical removal of a bone cyst usually requires cutting into the affected bone, completely removing the cyst and filling the cavity left from the cyst with bone grafting material.

After surgery patients are usually kept off the foot for several weeks to allow for the bone to begin healing. Rehab then includes walking in a protective boot for several weeks and physical therapy to regain strength, flexibility, and balance in the affected foot and ankle.

What should I do now?

If you have bone pain that might be a Cyst or Tumor, see a podiatrist for a complete evaluation including x-rays. In or near Casa Grande, Arizona schedule an appointment with Dr. Clement.