Bone tumors

Bone tumors can be cancerous. If you suspect you have a bone tumor in the foot or ankle, get into your primary care physician or podiatrist

for a complete evaluation including x-rays. In or near Casa Grande, Arizona schedule an appointment with Dr. Clement.

What are bone tumors?

Bone tumors are masses of tissue within bone. They can be any type of tissue. Bone tumors may have originated from the bone itself or have arrived their from a tumor on another part of the body.

The most common types of bone tumors include:

  • bone tumors
  • cartilage tumors
  • fibrous tumors
  • metastatic tumors (from cancer elsewhere in the body, could be any tissue type)

Most cancerous bone tumors found in the foot and ankle originated from somewhere else in the body (metastasis).

How are bone tumors caused?

Bone tumors are abnormal growths. They may develop:

  • Spontaneously
  • In an area of previous bone injury.
  • From metastatic lesions such as cancer.

What are the symptoms of bone tumors?

Some are slow-growing and painless until they reach a size large enough to pressure the cortex (strong, outer layer) of bone. Others may be painful sooner.

The presence or absence of pain does not necessarily predict if a lesion is cancerous.

How are bone tumors diagnosed?

Your doctor will take a history and perform a physical exam. Tests such as x-rays, MRI or CT scan can show bone tumors and are helpful in determining the type of tumor.

Biopsy (surgically removing a portion of the tumor for tissue testing) is the gold-standard test for tumors. Suspicious tumors should be biopsied.

How are bone tumors treated?

Depending on the type of tumor, treatment may include:

  • Serial x-rays (observation)
  • Surgical excision
  • If cancerous, treatment varies by diagnosis and stage of cancer as directed by an Oncologist.