Off-The-Shelf Orthotics

What are Off-The-Shelf Orthotics?

This is a type of Foot Orthotic made in a factory and sized by shoe size.  They can be bought at the store or prescribed and fit by a doctor or other health care provider.

Are they any good?

Yes and No.  Chances are if you bought an Off-The-Shelf orthotic from a store, it worked well for a few days and than either wore out or didn't help anymore.  They are hit and miss in terms of effectiveness and durability.

Can I get a good Off-The-Shelf Orthotic from Dr Clement's office?

We dispense a branded Off-The-Shelf-Orthotic that we have used for years and that is reliably effective and durable.  They are often a great choice for fast-growing children. They are considerably less expensive than Custom Foot Orthotics.  In fact, they are so effective that at least half of our Orthotics patients use only an Off-The-Shelf device.