Custom Foot Orthotics

Why get custom foot orthotics from us?

1. Custom foot orthotics are made many different ways. Some labs or health care providers take plaster casts of your feet, some have you stand in a foam box, and others use a machine to scan the bottom of your foot.  Is there a difference?  We think so.  We use Neutral Suspension Casting, the most reliable way to capture the ideal position of your foot--the position we want the orthotic to support and maintain during walking or running.

2. Some labs or providers give everybody the same orthotic. We customize each orthotic based upon your needs: A diabetic patient at risk for plantar ulcers needs a different type of orthotic with different materials and support than a 16 year-old track and field athlete.  A patient with a Morton's Neuroma needs a different orthotic than a patient with Plantar Fasciitis.  You get the idea.  So do we.

3. We can modify your existing orthotics in our office. Do you already have orthotics?  Do they still fit but simply need a topcover replacement?  We can do that in our office.  We can adjust, modify, refurbish, or replace the topcovers and post materials, whether originally made through our office or not.

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