Self Care for Hammertoes


Hammertoes can often be treated with simple home remedies that will alleviate pain. Surgical treatment is required to change the appearance or correct the structure of the toe. For pain relief without the risk of surgery, consider the following treatment approach. All products mentioned here are available through our on-line store or through other internet or local retailers.  If you need a consultation for surgical treatment, Appointment Request with Dr. Clement. 


1. Check shoes for adequate depth. Shoes that are narrow or shallow will rub the painful knuckles of a hammer toe. Shoes with deeper space or with softer materials such as soft leather, mesh, or Lycra.


2. Use a hammertoe splint to hold the toes straight

Digit Wrap


3. If you have painful corns or callouses associated with your hammer toes, see our Self Treatment for Corns and Callouses page.